By Ryan Falvey

Today we’re thrilled to continue to support Daylight in their Series Seed fundraise alongside Kapor Capital, Precursor and Clocktower Ventures. We were proud to have been Daylight’s first U.S. investor back in December of 2020 and have been thrilled to support the team as they build the…

According to actual media experts from our April 7th event

By Kate Johnson

From TikToks and Facebook Stories to TV segments and editorials, diving into the expansive media landscape can be daunting. Although this space is dynamic and evolving, the guidelines for operating and succeeding remain clear and constant. …

By Tom Brown & Ty Griffin

In the FVS tradition of waiting to provide “warm takes” on recent news, we figured that now would be a good time to discuss the GameStop mania that took over the news earlier this month. Is there anything to learn from the experience besides…

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, February 18, 2021 — The Financial Venture Studio (FVS) today announced that it has selected a record nine companies for its Winter 2021 cohort of the nation’s premier program dedicated to seed-stage fintech startups. Following a rigorous vetting process, the companies have received an investment in capital…

By Theodore Katsoulis

Observations from the Financial Venture Studio Application Process

The pandemic’s progression has made it even more evident how much consumers and businesses need access to digital-first financial products and services. At Financial Venture Studio, we partner with the fintech companies of both tomorrow and today. As part…


By Ryan Falvey

The Financial Venture Studio is again seeking applications to join its next cohort of fintech innovators. It has been a volatile 9 months since the last time we ran an open application process but it’s been a truly transformative time for fintech. In the interim period we…

By Theo Katsoulis

Everything is fintech! No, wait, sorry that’s a different post.

I’ve been at Financial Venture Studio for over a year. Prior to this, I started out on a CFO team (yes, there’s more than one) at JPMorgan Asset Management, and was most recently at a large non-profit…

Image Credit: Point.App


When it comes to the neo- and challenger banks, there’s no shortage of skeptics. Most of the critics offer some version of, “who needs another one of these?” or “they’re all the same,” or “these neobanks won’t survive.”

They’re wrong.

In fact, we think the neobank/challenger bank space in the…

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash


Or is it the beginning of a new era for consumers?

By Tyler Griffin

We have known for several months that the risk of harm from COVID is highly correlated with underlying pathologies. Along with diabetes and asthma, I’d add another risk condition to the CDC’s list: being a bank. As with many of those other illnesses, being a bank has…

Image: Copilot


By Theo Katsoulis

We initially met Copilot founder Andrés Ugarte in early 2020 after he and his cofounder Gabriel Dieguez had spent several months building the product and adding the first 1,000 users. We were immediately impressed by the team’s speed of execution, clarity of vision, and high user engagement…

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